A New York Traffic Cam viewer for the iPad
NYCTraffiCam is an iPad App for viewing images from traffic cameras across New York City, USA.
With NYCTraffiCam you can view the traffic cameras in New York (NYC), you can have as many camera images open as you want, with each image refreshing as needed. Camera images can be shown on a desktop and positioned by simply dragging and dropping. Alternatively, the location of the cameras can be shown on a full screen map, along with the current image for a selected camera.
NYCTraffiCam also allows you to create a list of favourite cameras, and you can create groups of related cameras for quick and easy access. A great use for groups is to set up a list of cameras for your morning and evening commutes so you can see what the traffic is like before you set off.
NYCTraffiCam is free for the iPad.
  • View one or multiple camera images
  • Arrange camera images on the screen as needed
  • Plot camera locations on a fullscreen map
  • Create a list of favourite cameras
  • Create groups of cameras for planning trips
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